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Wish that every agent was as good as your best?

Improve conversion rates with real-time, one-to-one sales coaching for every client conversation

Unleash Cyrano Navigate, your secret weapon to coach each of your agents through every sales conversation. Your agents will experience more listings, closings, and commissions, and your business will develop:

  • Reduced spend on advertising leads
  • A steady flow of referrals and repeat customers
  • Increased profitability
  • Fewer “up and down” business cycles
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High tech, low commitment

Say goodbye to weeks-long sales training

Let’s be honest, most agents don’t take their sales training seriously, or it takes months or years of repetition to sink in.

With, the technology provides your sales rep the exact tools and reminders they need to be successful in every conversation, tailored speciifcally for every client. There’s not even any training required, just follow the proprietary step-by-step Game Plans for:

  • Lead conversion
  • Securing a listing
  • Buyer consultations
  • Showings
  • Real-time negotiating tactics
  • Closings
  • Conflict resolution
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A match made in heaven

Match client and agent styles for even better results

Every person is as unique as their fingerprint. If you can understand a new client’s styles, values, and motivations, matching them with a similarly styled agent can increase conversions and transactions.

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“I’m certain that Cyrano will become an everyday tool in my office within the year, and will be adopted industry wide within a few.  Everyone in luxury sales needs to be using this.”

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