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Our Vision

More than technology, we are a company with a purpose

Increase Retention

Our purpose

While there are many great use cases for artificial intelligence to help improve society, we see an opportunity to improve AI’s ability to have more meaningful conversations. This will improve customer experiences with sales and support first and ultimately improve mental health offerings at scale.

We have seen first hand that too many adolescents aren’t getting the mental health support they need until it’s too late. Many serious problems facing teens and young adults today can be prevented by early intervention. But teenagers aren’t talking to their parents or the school counselor about the real problems and feelings they are facing. They might talk to their phone, though.

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What if we could put a world class therapist on every phone in America, and make it free? is building a small and important part of that system. Our patent is centered around the idea that in a conversation, a person unintentionally communicates a great deal about their emotional states and their likelihood of following through on what they are talking about.

We can build an AI system that can not only identify and score these inputs, but influentially respond to them in conversation. This is a characteristic of a great salesperson and an insightful therapist. While there is great research and other systems working on other aspects of these applications, we think our work will be a huge addition to the other solutions looking to make mental health care accessible to the people who need it most.

In order to get there,

Cyrano needs a few resources. The first and biggest is training data to build our system. The second resource we need is money. Fortunately, those two go together.

By applying our conversational strategy system to sales and customer service, we find ways to help mid-size to large companies make more money while reducing costs. It also allows us to engage in a wide variety of conversations with people on a large set of topics, all sorted by outcomes that allow the AI to learn what does and doesn’t work in a strategic conversation.

We approach every conversation as a winnable game. If our digital agent can intentionally change the person’s emotional state or level of commitment towards an idea, that’s a win. The better we get at winning conversations, the closer we get to our goal. Along the way, we are building world class architecture around industry disrupting technology.

We are excited about the challenges in front of us and the sales and customer support use cases we can help companies solve. As our deployments and data sets increase Cyrano gets better at interacting in an ever growing list of scenarios and conversations. We know each of those moves us closer to the dream that started this company.