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Conversational AI That Gets Results2

Conversational AI That Gets Results

Stand out from the crowd by incorporating linguistics-based NLP that goes beyond intent and sentiment analysis

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Real-World Results, Patented Technology

Different. And Exactly What We Need.

Natural Language Processing Platform that Outperforms Alternatives by as much as 43%

Most NLP models are based on keyword density or use signals from audio or video, where algorithms assign weights and scores to each word to generate intent and measure sentiment.

Cyrano's patented solution is different. You can build products that truly understand a conversation's intention. 

  • Fewer “live help” chats required for chatbot sessions
  • 26% increase in conversions in 44% less time
  • Successfully identified linguistic tells in depositions surrounding the institutional cover ups of sex abuse of minors
  • Archetypes based on mental states, decision making priorities and mental processes
  • Predict likelihood of a future purchase with up to 91% accuracy in B2B sales
Real-time or Asynchronous Processing – 1
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Real-time or Asynchronous Processing-3

Real-time or Asynchronous Processing

Build Chatbots, Training Modules, Evaluations, and More

Whether you’re trying to stand out in sales training, customer success, or another people-centric space, Cyrano’s API can be implemented anywhere you can generate text.

Whether it’s in chatbots, real-time transcription, or recorded video calls, your solo, 1-1, or multi-person conversations can generate rich insights that can be used to train, cue, or evaluate employees or applicants.

Easy to implement

Built for developers, sought by product managers, loved by business

Build any application you can imagine by supplying conversation details like time and participant identifiers by name, or anonymized ID. We’ll deliver a real-time analysis for each part of the conversation, as well as an analysis of the conversation as a whole when it’s over. Plus, our API is:

  • Flexible - Use our analysis query API to build a multitude of use cases
  • Totally secure - Does not require PII and has end-to-end encryption
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Easy to implement-1

Customize to your business or customers

NLP AI that truly understands the jargon and language specific to your business

Each business has a language all its own.’s solution team will work with you to incorporate the specific words and meanings that matter in your business, even if those words have other meanings elsewhere.  Training the AI in your specific vocabulary  will help your solution:

  • Reduce escalations or confusion
  • Speed time to effectiveness for new employees
  • Uncover hidden insights at scale
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