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Cyrano Navigate

Turn-by-turn "directions" to turn your business conversations into successes every time.

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Get the Seller's Edge

Better conversations lead to better relationships, and better relationships yield better outcomes.

Every person is as unique as their own fingerprint.  Most systems try to bucket people into just a few segments, but that is too broad to be successful.

With Cyrano, you don't need to read minds to be more effective. Just follow Cyrano’s next step Playbooks to advance your objective.

  • Collaborate - how to work together to achieve positive outcomes
  • Connect - develop rapport 
  • Upsell - influence an existing customer
  • Negotiate - come to a mutually beneficial outcome
  • Resolve - reduce conflict and move the conversation forward

Real-Time Insights

Understand what’s happening in your prospect’s mind - RIGHT NOW!

Cyrano Navigate shows you right on the screen where your prospect got excited, or bored, and the likelihood they are going to follow through on what they say they’re going to do.

Not simply an idea of likelihood to close, or a vague “sentiment analysis,” but a detailed analysis and step-by-step recommendations to get them there.

Real time insight

Advice in Your Choice of Formats

Cyrano’s patented Game Plans are available in multiple, easily accessed formats

Whether you are planning for a meeting, or you need your next step on the fly, Cyrano Navigate has got you covered.

  • App with Address Book - real-time feedback on demand.
  • Daily planning emails - prepare for your meetings with up-to-date insights.
  • Week in Review - Learn what worked and how your deals progressed.
  • Conversation Reports - Deep dive into a single conversation to learn about a prospect’s hot buttons.
  • Self Analysis - Identify your own traits to help you build your communication toolkit.
  • API - Embed Cyrano into your CRM or other business software.

Integrates with your communications tools

Just continue your calls, emails, chats, and Zoom meetings as usual, and Cyrano will keep adjusting your next step to do or say.

Just like a GPS “recalculates route” if you stray off-course, Cyrano continuously “reads” your updated communications with each prospect to monitor and adjust for changes in their urgency, motivation, and commitment level.

Supported tools: 

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Zoom (Business Edition)
  • More coming!
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