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Relationships matter in professional services

Meeting Insights for Zoom

Your invisible Zoom coach, free to your inbox

Interact, negotiate and communicate better on Zoom using the power of science and psychology.

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Easy 3 Step Process!

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Have a Zoom call as usual.

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Cyrano automatically analyzes the conversation.

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Receive the results in your inbox.

Increase Sales

Learn how to listen more effectively to your customers.

Improve Outcomes

Understand how your clients make decisions.

Communicate Clearly

Get your point across effortlessly.

Lead Effectively

Listen. Talk. Motivate.

"We invested early into I wish I had their insights on every call, meeting, and email. Their stuff is awesome."

Ryan Shea
CEO, Entrepreneur Media

"Cyrano does what I can only describe as magic. Their system pays attention to the subtle details of communication in a way that I have never seen."

Joe Dunn

"Thanks to Cyrano, we sold more cars, in less time, to happier customers. It worked, and it was easy. The system 'gets' people the way a great salesperson does."

Jeff Proctor

" shows that machines can be compassionate in a dynamic conversation. Their AI engine trained in psychology and linguistics is a true pioneering of artificial empathy and the next wave of AI capabilities."

Neil Sahota
IBM Master Inventor, Watson Group and AI Advisor, United Nations

"While the pace and frequency of applying AI to new fields have been staggering, less attention is paid to human intelligence, emotions, and empathy. This is until Cyrano has AI technology that is not only novel but also useable. Something as elusive as true Artificial Empathy is closer to reality, and deployable now, thanks to Cyrano."

Hadar Ziv
Head of Informatics Department, UCI