Train and Measure Effective Communication

Enhanced agent coaching and customer profiling with

Enable Richer Customer Engagement

Integrate the Natural Language Understanding Platform into your Customer Service solution and offer the latest in soft skills coaching and agent development.

The Deep Listening ™ and Deep Insights ™ capabilities in the NLU Platform can be integrated into any conversational solution in a matter of weeks. 

Differentiate your solution by incorporating highly personalized actionable advice that agents can use to help them build stronger, more effective relationships with customers. 

The platform builds detailed rapid psychographic profiles on customers and agents that ensures that advice is accurate and meaningful.

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Customers don’t call when they’re happy

"Organizations may be able to improve customers’ satisfaction and generate repeat business by ... training employees in effective communication strategies."

Harvard Business School

"The effectiveness of communication is not defined by communication, but by the response."

Milton Erickson

Pioneer “personality” based routing

Pioneer “personality” based routing

Transform your application into a top-rated experience

Have you ever considered the effect of matching account managers or other customer facing team members with customers based on their personality or communication style? With, you could be the first application to make that possible at scale. 

By profiling individual customers you could offer personality based routing instead of skill or simple escalation paths. You could even build routing or escalations based on an IVR interaction.

Easy to Implement

Built for developers, sought by product managers, loved by business.

Build any application you can imagine by supplying conversation details like time and participant identifiers by name, or anonymized ID. We’ll deliver a real-time analysis for each part of the conversation, as well as an analysis of the conversation as a whole when it’s over. Plus, our API is:

  • Flexible - Use our analysis query API to build a multitude of use cases
  • Totally secure - Does not require PII and has end-to-end encryption
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