Artificial [Emotional] Intelligence

Soft Skills for Software

Conversational Intelligence API that turns your platform or team into a powerful secret weapon.

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Transform YOUR software into an AI-Powered Coach and Mentor

Pre-built models for these use cases and more


Provide users a personalized, emotionally intelligent approach for each lead, instead of generic profiles

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Contact Center

Make each customer interaction a win-win by helping reps understand who they’re dealing with right now

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Build a healthcare voice assistant to improve compliance, explain benefits of treatment plans, or monitor mental health

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Patent-pending Conversational AI that Goes Beyond Sentiment Analysis

Differentiate your solution by using NLP that can improve results by up to 43%’s state-of-the-art technology goes beyond pattern matching and keyword density. Current models provide simple signals, but Cyrano’s multi-factored approach can actually interpret meaning, context, and intention that can help move the conversation to the next step. And it’s tested in real-world, outcome-based scenarios in sales, service, and telehealth.

Build tools that demonstrate or develop:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Adaptability
  • Attentiveness
  • Conflict resolution
See how it works
Conversational AI

Built by the right kinds of nerds

Linguistics-based instead of math-based to provide richer insights and recommendations that elevate results

Anyone can parrot back what you said. But only the best sales and service reps can react in a personalized, adaptive, emotionally intelligent way, responding with relevant and sensitive next steps that get results.

Most natural language processing (NLP) models are developed by data scientists that use math to build algorithms to identify basic sentiment and intent. was built from scratch by training experts, with linguistics as the base, building a layered language approach to make each of your reps one of the best reps.

Use cases for Sales, Service, Telehealth and YOUR use case

Pre-trained models ready to incorporate into your CRM, Sales, Service, Telehealth or other applications. Our pre-built solutions are just the start. If you’re looking to enhance your solution with natural language tools, contact us to see how it works for your application.

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Use cases for Sales, Service, Telehealth and YOUR use case

Make your application stand out

Emotional Intelligence as a Service

Request a NLP consultation to see if your solution could be enhanced with Cyrano’s soft-skills as a service.

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