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Real-Time Artificial Empathy for Customer Interactions

Increase customer loyalty and referrals and build stronger customer relationships by leveraging deep listening software.


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Increase Retention

Keep your customers for life by forging authentic relationships.

Scale your best salespeople

Every rep can be as good as your best, increasing overall sales

More referrals

Make a great first, second and third impression.

One-size-fits-all sales techniques don’t work

The same pitch won’t work on everyone, and your team struggles to find the right words for prospects who think, act, and speak differently from them.

85% of success comes from soft skills. When relationships count, if salespeople and customers aren’t connecting, your business suffers.

  • Poor first impressions lose deals
  • Learning and teaching soft skills is challenging
  • Mis-reading buying signals loses buyers
Make Every Rep A People Person

As seen in

Entrepreneur Magazine
United Nations
Psychology Today

Blending Art and Science

Learn how companies like yours have increased sales by 26% and closed deals in 44% less time.

Trained on over 6 million real world conversations. our patented technology gives you the turn-by-turn direction to build not JUST the sale, but a lasting relationship that increases in value.

Combining market expertise, psychology, and technology, provides you the roadmap for each and every conversation


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Personality tests aren’t enough

Your communication needs are as unique as your fingerprint

Personality tests are one-dimensional. Effective communication requires attention to multiple factors at once, creating hundreds of thousands of combinations, not just a handful of acronyms or colors. Cyrano builds a conversation roadmap adjusted every single time you communicate with your prospect, so you say the right thing at the right time - every time.

Here's how it works

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Connect your communications tools

Zoom meetings, emails, chats and more are securely “read” by Cyrano’s neuro linguistic engine

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Patented Deep listening analyzes your conversations

More than keywords, it finds insight into your prospects' needs, preferred styles, and more.

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Cyrano "whispers" your next move

The Cyrano app shows you clear, actionable steps to advance your prospect to the next stage for your choice of scenarios.

You haven’t seen this before

Existing conversational intelligence tools and personality tests are no match.

  • Patented technology
  • 5 Factors analyzed
  • End-to-end security
  • Standalone or integrated


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"We invested early into I wish I had their insights on every call, meeting, and email. Their stuff is AMAZING!"

Ryan Shea
CEO, Entrepreneur Media

"I want to go on record that I LOVE THIS!! I know it was accurate for myself. It honestly feels like cheating to gain so much insight about others. I never want to have a non-recorded session again!"

Angelia McDaniel

Sound Complicated?

The science might be, but finding the right thing to say is easy. Cyrano provides you the step-by-step words and techniques for succeeding with each individual, just like your phone provides directions to your destination.