Sales Coaching API

Implement the next-level of call insights to differentiate your sales software in a crowded space

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Enable Richer Customer Engagement

Integrate the Natural Language Understanding Platform into your Sales Enablement solution and offer the latest in soft skills coaching and sales rep development.

The Deep Listening ™ and Deep Insights ™ capabilities in the NLU Platform can be integrated into any conversational solution in a matter of weeks. 

Differentiate your solution by incorporating highly personalized actionable advice that sales reps can use to help them build stronger, more effective relationships with customers. 

The platform builds detailed rapid psychographic profiles on customers and sales reps that ensures that advice is accurate and meaningful.

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Results that speak for themselves

Users achieved 26% higher close rate, 44% faster

The best sales reps know the best ways to match the prospect’s language, learning style, and more. It’s these soft-skills that separate the best from the rest. teaches users how to listen and respond in the most constructive way, using the best choice of words and actions, such as:

  • How and when is best to respond for this prospect
  • Words to use and not use
  • Predict sales success
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Pioneer “personality” based routing

"70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated."

- McKinsey & Co

Accelerate time to Sales effectiveness

It’s like a sales workshop every day

Great reps get promoted to managers, but they don’t know how to teach something they take for granted. can take your solutions’ conversational intelligence so close to human coaching that the best sales managers seem like they’re multiplying and the rest look like rock stars. Implement solutions for:

  • Onboarding training
  • Objective, gamified sales coaching
  • Bite-sized sales drills that develop the skills they need to succeed
  • Improved live-coaching recommendations
Results that speak for themselves

Easy to Implement

Built for developers, sought by product managers, loved by business.

Build any application you can imagine by supplying conversation details like time and participant identifiers by name, or anonymized ID. We’ll deliver a real-time analysis for each part of the conversation, as well as an analysis of the conversation as a whole when it’s over. Plus, our API is:

  • Flexible - Use our analysis query API to build a multitude of use cases
  • Totally secure - Does not require PII and has end-to-end encryption
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