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Real Estate Agent Sales GPS

Patented listening software provides turn-by-turn directions for your conversations to turn that meeting into a YES faster and more effectively.

Effortlessly grow your business with new and repeat customers

Give your customers what they want, how they want it, and increase leads, repeat business, and referrals

The secret to great relationships is to understand your client’s values and priorities, motivations, styles, and commitment, and deliver your communication in the way that continuously moves them closer to a decision. 

But, you want to do it in a way that is sincere, honest, and not pushy.

Cyrano’s app securely “listens” to you and your client’s conversations and shows you the turn-by-turn Game Plans based on your client’s preferences to:

  • Turn more leads into listings
  • Turn more showings into closings
  • Turn problems into solutions
  • Turn conflicts into customers for life
  • And more!
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Always make a great first impression

Prepare for your first meeting so you can WOW a new client and turn more meetings into transactions Navigate can analyze emails, chats and even social media posts to understand your potential client’s priorities, motivations, and style. And since every new client is different, you can tailor your sales process to meet their specific needs. Review the Game Plans in advance of your first conversation to be in tune with their unique profile and look like a real pro. 

  • Avoid overselling and speed up your sale
  • Get right to the heart of what matters to your client
  • Avoid language that might derail a sale
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Unlike any other tool

You haven’t seen this technology before!

Unlike standardized sales training, communication training, personality tests, or sentiment analysis tools, Navigate uses a patented neurolinguistic engine to truly understand your prospect.

 By “listening” to every single verbal or written word, the algorithm constantly monitors your conversations to determine the very next best step to reach your goals. Over even a short period of time, a person’s wants, needs, or objectives may change, and if you don’t recognize those changes, you could miss a sale.

Cyrano’s engine tells you when to take a step forward, and when taking a step back may ultimately help you close the deal.

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Technology trusted by thousands of agents

Cyrano/ai’s methodology and technology is used by By Referral Only members

Dan Paris, renowned real estate sales guru and co-founder has introduced the company’s patented technology to thousands of your peers. Join the other real estate agent’s using conversational GPS to navigate the conversations that will lead you to more listings, transactions and commissions!

"I love the insights I get with every client consultation that help me communicate with each client in the way that is most beneficial for both of us. "

Scott Asbell
Branch Manager, Homeside Financial

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