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Whether you're a real estate agent or in a different type of sales role, Cyrano Navigate can help you reach your goals.


Includes 2 Months Free




Receive personalized advice for building stronger relationships, negotiating, and managing difficult situations.

Automatically profile contacts from your email and Zoom conversations.

Collaborate and negotiate more effectively using advice tailored to your customer.

Create profiles on the fly for new contacts.

Review profiles and advice before your next call.

Profile accuracy and nuance increase with each conversation analyzed.



Include the Real Estate module to receive advice on fine-tuning your listing presentations and guide clients efficiently through closing.

All features from the "Sales Pros" plan, PLUS, these Real Estate specific features:

Advice tailored for every stage of the home buying or selling process.

Specific suggestions for how to tour properties.

Fine-tune your listing presentations to engage each client.

Guide indecisive clients through complicated closing procedures.

Conversational AI Platform

Integrate the patented Conversational Intelligence AI platform into your own product or internal systems.

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