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Motivation, Values, and Communication Style

Here at, we consider these the Holy Trinity of effective communication.  A great salesperson can naturally modify their pitch to adjust for these issues.  Authors and screenwriters take them into account for every character they write dialog for. 

We want to show you how to understand yourself and anyone else you hop on a zoom call with. 

We call measuring and interpreting these facets of communication Deep Listening.


“What’s it gonna take to get you in a new car today?”  Have you ever had someone try to “close” you while you are still in an early research phase?  What’s it like when you’ve made up your mind on something and someone wants to explore more options?  

Understanding how committed a person is to an idea means you know what to say to increase -or decrease- the likelihood that they take the next steps while showing them respect.

Cyrano tracks each participants commitment levels to what is being discussed during the call.  Some people initially expect it should start low at the beginning and end high, and while that sometimes happens, that’s not the only kind of graph that shows a good conversation took place.

Conversational Commitment Trend

As a normal conversation progresses, different topics are often discussed.  Over the course of an hour the people on the call might talk about 5 or 10 different ideas, approaches, or perspectives. 

For example: During a call where one person is unsure of what they want to do next week, they might be asked about what happened yesterday.  Their commitment to what they want to do next week would show as low, but their commitment levels about what happened yesterday could show high confidence (so there could be a spike in the graph).

120 day split test


Personality profiles are interesting and useful to a point, but the truth is, you aren’t always the same person.  How you interact with your family is different than you interact with your boss or the used car dealer.  Cyrano allows you to see your behavior based on a simple set of value priorities.

Looking at these 4 values types, you can understand why you would employ one strategy over another in certain situations. Most people have 1 or 2 that they prefer to use most of the time, but everyone is a combination of all of them.  It is that unique combination of these values sets that drives our decision making process. It is that understands and decodes these values and creates actionable feedback. 

Real-time or Asynchronous Processing-3


This thought process is all about rules, systems, structure, and plans. Clear, organized delivery is key to success here.



Often driven by external influences and opinions, they want to understand trends and current market conditions. 



Often driven by external influences and opinions, they want to understand trends and current market conditions. 



No need for details. Give them the big picture and let them trust their gut. Intuition often outweighs data. 

Communication and Learning Style

Humans have the 5 major senses of Sight, Sound, Feel, Smell, and Taste.  Of those big 5, we really use 3 in most of our thinking and conversations.  Sight, Sound, and Feel dominate most of our communication with others and ourselves. 

  • Photographers and Painters can “see” something in their mind before it exists.  

  • A musician can “hear” a song as they read the notes on the page.  

  • An athlete can “feel” their balance and make decisions faster than they can explain.

Often miscommunication is found when people are using different communication strategies.  A person is fidgeting because they want to distract their “feel” so they can pay better attention.  The speaker gets upset because they prefer sight and sound and believe the audience member isn’t paying attention to them or their power point.  Recognizing how your communication style interacts with another person’s allows you to get your point across more effectively and appreciate the motivations behind some of their unconscious behaviors.

We are showing which style was most dominant on a phone call.  This can be impacted by the topic being discussed, though over time the patterns emerge and become a critical part of deep understanding of the way a person thinks about the world around them.