Metro Honda's first validation was on the lot at Metro Honda in Southern California.

Bottom Line

Cyrano was proven highly successful at predicting and influencing buying behavior in real world scenarios over a 120 day split test.

% Increased Conversion to Sale
% Less Time on the Lot

Test-drive to Purchase Conversion

Without Cyrano:  44.5%

With Cyrano:  60.2%

Total Time to Close

Without Cyrano: 242 minutes

With Cyrano: 136 minutes

Sell More Cars in Less Time

Split test at an auto dealership worked so well, the GM became an investor!

"Sales went up, and probably more impressive, average time of sale went way down. That meant we had improved customer satisfaction scores. I get pitched a lot of sales tools and trainings, but I have never seen anything like this."

Jeff Proctor
General Manager, Metro Honda

Smiling couple buying a new car at new car showroom

How did we do it?


Conversion Prediction

Our system predicted the outcome of customer interactions based on transcripts of the initial interaction (no show, test drive, or sale) with a success rate over 95%.


Psychographic Profiling

Enabled the sales team at the dealership to identify the personality of the customer in real time with only 13 binary observations.


Actionable, Tailored Advice

Finally, our models gave customized instructions on how to best sell the customer a car. It also provided a subject line and opening sentence for the follow up email in the event of a no sale.

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