What Can Cyrano Do With a Twitter Feed?

Cyrano profiled hundreds of people, from tech executives, celebrities, and thought leaders. Find out what we learned.

Cyrano.ai is Your Influential Superpower

No matter what a person is talking about, they are telling you about themselves.

Cyrano can create profiles on people based on what they say. Then, based on those profiles, Cyrano offers advice on how to interact with them more effectively.

Cyrano shows how people prioritize information and make important decisions. A person’s strengths will usually determine what filters they use to make decisions, and over time patterns emerge. When people Tweet, they share their stream of consciousness across a wide variety of topics, resulting in a more well rounded dataset.


Take a look at the links below to see for yourself what Cyrano says about how to work with hundreds of public figures.  All analysis and advice was created by the AI system with no human intervention.  Each of these reports was created by Cyrano.ai.


Important:  Data privacy and ethical applications of our technology are incredibly important to us.  Please take a look at our Easy To Understand Privacy Policy and our Mission Statement if you’d like to know more about us.

Tech Executives

View Cyrano's profiles on executives from Salesforce to Netflix.

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View Cyrano's profiles on celebrities from Taylor Swift to Ryan Reynolds.

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Thought Leaders

View Cyrano's profiles on thought leaders from Gary Vaynerchuk to Steven Covey.

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Podcast Hosts

View Cyrano's profiles on the hosts from the top 250 podcasts.

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